gordon3Gordon Strong is an author whose dynamic and informed writing has inspired an international following. His studies of myth, legend and the esoteric embrace such diverse subjects as Merlin, The Arthuriad, The Holy Grail, Neolithic monuments, Tarot, Magic and the Qabalah. Gordon discusses his subjects with reference to his specialist knowledge and always with an engaging style. The history of Madame Blavatsky and The Golden Dawn are his most recent work in this genre.

Now solely involved in writing fiction, his fantasy novels create a hilarious, yet often profound world, one displaying his endless, cosmic imagination.

Gordon’s work is popular in America where he is a frequent visitor. An entertaining and humorous speaker in the U.S. and U.K., he combines his academic knowledge with personal anecdotes from a unique and varied career.

He has been published by Llewellyn International, Skylight Press, and Kerubim Press. Beginning in 2015 his new fiction will appear exclusively from Magic Oxygen Publishing.