About Gordon

Gordon Strong was born near Glastonbury, Somerset, and currently lives in the West of England. He is an author, speaker and musician. A student of philosophy, psychology, new science, literature and history, he is keen to investigate every aspect of the world, visible and invisible.

Gordon has appeared in several documentaries: The National Geographic TV series, ‘In Search of Arthur’, ‘The Druids: Travels in Deep England (2011) and ‘Messages from Beyond: Crop Circles and Megaliths’.

He has also been interviewed in numerous radio programmes and podcasts in England and America.

Gordon has recently been involved with movies, as a director, screenwriter and creative consultant.

Of his varied and prolific writing career he states, “I observe, reflect and experiment – from the sum of this and more my writing appears.”

Interview (2013) with Carrie Kirkpatrick for ‘Writers of Mystery & Magic’. Dir. Darren Richardson

A short excerpt from his novel ‘Sir Norbert and The Purple Haze’

In musical mode from 1971.

Promo for ‘Thunderbolt and Lightning’, an unreleased movie for which I wrote the screenplay.

Radio interview (2013) with Howard Hughes.